Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Alrighty, here's the skinny...the 3 chix and a group of girlfriends headed to the beautiful Gulf Coast this past weekend for some much needed R and R. It was glorious! Our conversations were varied...deep and trite...funny and serious...high school and marriage...spiritual and secular...a lot about gardening...and for some reason we even talked about the Myers Briggs Personality test (and some even took it on the lap top)...Nerdy??? Ummm...yes, but we love it!!! We spent hours on the beach, some (well really one) swam in the freezing cold waters and others huddled under hooded sweatshirts, sunglasses and beach towels, looking very Unabomber-ish! And those wonderful girlfriend conversations that make you laugh so hard you're crying or cry so hard you just have to laugh! We held hands in a circle, looking at God's amazing creation, and went from speechlessness to prayer.

I am so thankful for my girlfriends...All of them ~ the ones that went on this trip and the many more that didn't. So let's give it up for Girlfriends ~ who let us laugh and cry and be ourselves! Who love us desite our faults! Who eat fried seafood with us while talking about dieting and exercising! Who'll drive way out of the way for frozen custard! Who'll complain about their husband's snoring, but never yours! Who would have never been your friend in High School, but find an intimate connection with you as an adult. Who'll still play beauty parlor with you ~ telling you how wonderful your anti-aging skin products are working and will straighten your humidity curled hair and paint your toenails! Who'll call you up because their Bible study is so moving, they just need to tell someone. And the ones who make you cry just by looking at you, because they understand you. The lifelong friends, the brand-new friends...God has brought them all into your life for such a specific purpose...what a blessing you are to me, and to each other!

"Anyone who says that they don't need a girlfriend just hasn't found a good one yet!"


...and a special shout-out to my girlfriend, Amy O. in Monkeytown! Thanks for the pressure to blog again!!! I love you!