Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Have You Given up On Us?

OK...for all you people that keep asking us to blog again (AON)...this one's for you.

A brief synopsis of the last 2 1/2 months of my life: Life-changing mission trip, trying to effectively parent S, cancellation of event involving over 1000 people due to swine-flu scare, end-of-school activites, watching a dear friend and friend of my child's move away, missing my husband as his job now involves weekly out-of-town travel, trying to adjust to new family dynamic as a single parent for most of the week, trying to effectively parent S, E's first boyfriend, P's birthday, starting new Bible Study with fabulous friends, life-changing mission trip #2, beach, trying to effectively parent S, learning so much every day from God that it is mind-boggling, trying to excercise and failing miserably, trying to effectively parent S, being called to a new, terrifying, wonderful adventure and trying to follow in obedience, trying to effectively parent S, realizing for the 100th time that I am not in control of a single thing in my life (which is all tied in with trying to effectively parent S), growing more in love with Jesus every day and wondering when there will be a day I don't learn something new, hanging at the pool with my kids enjoying a beautiful summer, watching people I love struggle with marital problems, breast cancer, caring for aging parents and rebellious children, learning to recognize the graciousness of God, sharing with my Bible Study friends that if I didn't have Jesus in my heart I might've thrown S into moving traffic due to yesterday's behavior......

And those are just the highlights.

Is there any question now concerning my absence from the blogging community????

But here's the thing: I miss blogging because I miss writing out my feelings, sharing my heart, and not taking myself too seriously.

I'm not making any promises....but I might be back. I'm just doing the best I can every day!