Friday, September 18, 2009

"Train a Child in the Way He Should Go..."

My baby girl turned 10 her words, "Good-bye to the days of single digits. Forever!" She's a little's her dad in her. I cannot believe she's 10. I thought about it a lot last night lying in bed with her, saying prayers and then just snuggling. She told me she would always be my baby girl. I told her I wish I had a time machine so I could go back to when she was 3. I can't believe it. Where did all the time go? In half the time, she'll be learning to drive a car. In another 10 years she won't even live at home anymore. Have I been a good mom? Have I done my best? Ten years gone...have I trained her up in the way she should go? Yes. I've made mistakes, plenty to be totally honest. And I know there have been days that I know I could have done better. But, this I know is true. Katie loves Jesus. She trusts him. She believes that what he says is truth. She desires to study His Word. And her fruits of the Spirit are amazing to behold! I worry about her teenage years, broken hearts, girlfriend drama, term papers and prom...but I do believe that when she is older, she will not depart from her faith! That is what I'm holding onto today. That is what is comforting me when I think about rocking her in my arms and miss her being a baby girl so much it's making me cry. God is holding her in the palm of His mighty hand; and nothing can take her out of it. Happy Birthday Katie-bug!


Proverbs 22:6