Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Back-To-School

Today was a bittersweet day for many Moms in my little corner of the world. Today was a day for rejoicing mixed with sorrow. Tears mixed with sighs of relief. The first day of school was today, and with it came a variety of mixed emotions.

We have had a great summer. My family has gone to the beach several times, the pool a LOT of times, and simply spent good, quality time together. Well, except for the day I told S that I was going to smash the DVD player in the car with a baseball bat if she asked me if we could watch a movie in the car one more time. That probably wasn't the best example of quality time, but we'll just forgive and forget. (By the way, she responded, "Dat makes me SO MAD when you say dat Mommy!"At least the girl is in touch with her inner emotions)

So today as I sent my oldest to 3rd grade and my middle daughter to Kindergarten, I was happy for them, but sad for me. I am going to miss the flexibility of summer schedules, not having set bedtimes and homework deadlines, and being able to stay in pajamas as long as we want to. And I have to admit that the thought of S and I having an entire month alone with no sisters to play with and no preschool scares me A LOT.

But as I was thinking about all of this today, I ran into a Mom who reminisced with me about her youngest child's first day of school. She remembers vividly calling a friend when he got on the bus and saying cheerfully, "Do you know what today is??? The FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!" She was so excited to have everybody in school she didn't know what to do. And then she looked at me and said, "Seems like just yesterday." Then she asked me, "Do you know what today is? Today is his last day at home. He leaves for college tomorrow." As we wiped our tears we were reminded how swiftly time passes and how precious each day is.

So happy-back-to school for all you readers out there. It's a wonderful time to reflect on the new beginnings we have each day with our sweet Savior. Take time to reflect on memories made, and ones yet to come.

And for all you Moms w/preschoolers still at home just counting the minutes until Labor Day because PRESCHOOL STARTS THE NEXT DAY, hang in there and know that I feel your pain. I especially felt it when S took the new shampoo bottle and "washed" her hair with it in the den this afternoon. But just remember that all too soon, we'll have clean houses, new-looking furniture, peace and quiet.....and we'll be looking back on these school days and wishing we had just a few more.


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Sherry said...

Look, I cried when I took M to the upstairs part of church Sun!