Monday, November 3, 2008

Good Times

Hello my friends. Remember me? I'm the one who makes you realize how FUNCTIONAL you really are. Well, here goes my last seven days recap. Tuesday, I was in Anniston taking my grandmother to lunch. Got a call from Layne's school saying she had a headache, so I sent some Advil via a friend. I then got a call from Emma's school ten minutes later asking if I had washed her hair with LICE shampoo? UMMM... is it just me, or is that a stupidly ridiculous question? Anyway, I say no and hung up. Twenty minutes later the nurse calls back in a little hysteria saying, "We found nits in Emma's hair. Come get her."

I took her to the doctor that day, and he said she had Dermatitis. So Wednesday morning she goes back to school. That afternoon I call the school to tell them she was ok, and the nurse tells me that she just saw Emma and she does have nits in her hair. I proceed to tell her that my physician said she didn't, and she said, "Well, he is WRONG." I called the doctor, spoke to him, and he said for that nurse to bring him a nit and he would believe it! Seriously, my pediatrician and school nurse are in a fight! CLASSIC!

For the first time ever, I marched to the school. I had a meeting with the Assistant Principal and nurse...blah, blah... and I took Emma home again. This time I did stop and get "the shampoo" and got busy on her hair. How about this... they were both right. She did have Dermatitis and lice! Whatever! She stayed home with me on Thursday and by 8:00 am Lyla was throwing up on the kitchen floor. Good times!

So this weekend I pulled tons of nits out of Emma's hair, accidentally scorched MY scalp trying to make sure I didn't get LICE, cleaned my house so good you could lick off of the floors (not that I would recommend that), washed everything that could fit in my washing machine, and pretty much knew I had lice because my head has been itching all week.

I just knew this week would be better, and then I get the call to come get Layne because she is throwing up at school.

Is it too 80's to say... CALGON, TAKE ME AWAY...???



TCKK said...

Whoops! Thank you Lord, I guess my week wasn't as bad as I thought.

Anonymous said... it here that I remind you that your children were also exposed to strep by my child on Wednesday night?? Hopefully, that won't kick in next week!!


Sallie said...

Oh God love you........

Jen B. said...

Been there...done that...should have had a t-shirt made, then you could borrow it!!! So yucky! Loving you and your infested head!

PHH said...

Yuck! I'm so sorry. What a terrible week! You guys are in my prayers (I'm praying the rest of you don't start throwing up! Love you!

Sherry said...

Wow dude! And you looked terrific tonight! :