Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Different "Strokes"

I went to one of these new little painting places w/ 3 girlfriends Monday was a blast! They had 75 people sitting at 6 long tables, no credit card machine, and the "instructor" didn't have a microphone. Seriously. That aside, an evening full of fun! The picture they were painting that night was...oh let's just call it modern; contemporary. It was 9 squares, like the Brady Bunch intro, but instead of the faces of our beloved Carol and Mike, et al; we had multi-colored, funky shaped circles. Well, although the colors were spot-on to match my den; it was a bit of a stretch in the ultra-funk, I hung it in my bathroom. Fast forward two days and add to it a impromptu visit from my mother. She asked me, "Where did you get that painting in the bathroom?" (Now, let's keep in mind that it is signed by me in the corner...hmmm...a bit suspicious...but I didn't think of that at the time.) I was actually impressed and excited that she noticed it was new. I quickly said, "I painted it!" She said, "WOW! That's sure a lot to look at! I couldn't get my eyes to even focus on it, it was so wild." Paused a moment and then added, "You couldn't be too proud of it, you hung it in the bathroom." Instant deflation...until I remembered that this is the same woman who owned an ultra suede couch with a large giraffe print on, I just smiled.



Lisa said...

I'm impressed. I wouldn't have been able to paint nine blank squares!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! You know what I'm thinking...that would look GREAT in my living room!


Janet said...

I really like it! It takes me back some years, though. One of those square's swirls remind me of the fabric on my grandmother's swivel rocker. I used to spin and spin in that thing until my grandmother would grab the chair and say "Stop it. You're makin my head swim".
I think you're a great 'action painter'! I really like it! I wish I could hold it in front of me & spin and spin!

Pia said...

All I can say is "to know LB is to love LB". How's that book coming along?!?!?