Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Confidence Booster!

Oh, how I love my best girlfriends! You know the ones I'm talking about. The girls that shoot you straight, even when you really don't want them to.

Well, I have that friend in Stac. She has been a close friend since we were 11. We met when a bully shoved me in a huge puddle of water, and she came to my rescue. She's been a true blue friend since that day. The sad news is that she now lives near L.A. (that's not Lower Alabama)

Anywho... she called me yesterday after my very long shopping venture to find the perfect thing to wear to that reunion I'm O.C.D about. I tell her I found a great pair of jeans. The rest of the conversation went like this...

S: "What kind are they?"
A: "Citizens of Humanity."
S: "Those are great, but tell me you did get the kind that pull you in, right?"
A: " Goodness, I sure hope so."
S: " Are they dark denim or a wash?"
A: "Actually, they are white jeans because I found a cute blue shirt that wouldn't be good with darker denim."

S: "Oh! Can you pull off white jeans?"

Needless to say, I'm taking the jeans back tomorrow!



Kim S said...

That was so very subtle...thanks for making me giggle today!

Jen said...

And you looked mighty hot in those white jeans too, little miss priss!

Lisa said...

She hasn't seen you since high school right? so she doesn't know that you just get better w/age!:)

Sherry said...

Did you really buy a pair of those jeans????????? Do those ever go on sale??

Will you please keep them so when I get super skinny like you, can I just come over and just put them on and take a pic?