Thursday, October 9, 2008


We are living in some crazy times! The economy stinks, the election is worse, politicians in general are clueless, and my favorite part is HOLLYWOOD'S involvement with it all because they think we need them to make informed decisions. The scary thought is that I fear that some people do need to be told what to think! It amazes me how many people listen to the media, hollywood, and randomness around them. Actually, it frightens me. When did America, the greatest nation on earth, stop thinking for themselves?

Could you imagine going through all of THIS and not having an understanding of our creator and that He is sovereign? God is so moving and shaking right now. We need not fear because HE is so in control.

I so want to be Daniel! In times of fear, I will trust in God alone! Those of you going through Daniel right now... is it not rocking your world?

I am putting on my shield of faith!



Jaime said...

It is rocking my world.. I love it. I can't wait to open my Bible each morning, to see what God is going to teach me each day.

PHH said...

All that's going on reinforces that our focus as Christians needs to be to seek God alone and persevere in what He has set us up to do: Glorify him. I want to be refined by the fire and come out without smelling like smoke like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego! Each day, I realize how deliberate I must live in order to accomplish this.

Just Us Chix said...

I cannot imagine waking up without the knowledge that I serve a holy God who has a plan for every detail of this world and my life. My faith is so small, but He is so big and I am so thankful.