Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Little Enigma

I have a daughter who is nothing like me. It fascinates me because she comes up with things at age 6 that I would never dream of. She is prissy and girly and the kid can absolutely accessorize. She wears extra-slim jeans and they still fall off. Nobody in my family ever shops for extra-slim anything!

Sunday night I had to leave for church early so I left out clothes for her to wear. It was your basic jeans and a striped polo shirt. When I saw her at church later she had tied a ribbon around one ankle with some beads hanging on it- an item I had never seen in our house. When questioned, she said "Oh I just thought it would look cute." And it did. She had also ditched the shoes I picked for some plaid pink tennis shoes and partnered it with a silver sequined purse. Seriously we're just talking about jeans and a shirt here.

Yesterday was "watch-me" day at dance so like the dutiful Mom I am, I went to watch E twirl around. Not only was her leotard the lowest cut leotard in the class, but she pulls it down so even more of her skinny self is showing. We are going to have to start locking her in her room in about 4 years. Oh, and now I know that "watch-me" day consists of the curtain on the window being pulled back slightly farther than it is on other days so the moms can peek in and wave. Obviously I was new to "watch-me" day because all the smart moms hit the road as soon as they dropped their kid off. And did I mention that the recital costume fee is $150 because there are THREE costume changes for her class during the 10 minutes she will perform? I've been known to wear the same outfit for three days in a row so this is all very confusing to me.

Many experienced moms I know give this advice: "Let your children be who they are." I really try to heed this and to steer clear from pushing my opinions on my girls, but it's hard when they are foreign to me!!! The Bible tells us we are "fearfully and wonderfully made." I know that's true in E's case because there is nothing about her sweet little self that is familiar to me. God made her exactly who she is and He will use her to accomplish His purposes. I mean, there's lost people at all the Paris fashion shows, right? Sigh. I just hope I can keep her from dancing on tables in the meantime.



TCKK said...

I know what you mean. I have a daughter just like her, only she's 14 now. Scares me to death! lol

Sherry said...


That low cut thing is gonna send me into orbit! That was hilarious!!

And seriously, it's okay to wear things for days on end, right?

Just Us Chix said...

Dancing on a table is better than dancing on a pole. Let's focus on all of the positives.
P.S. - I so love her so much!

Lauren W said...

Well, regardless of her profession, I will be calling her my entire life asking her to help me dress. She already tells me which of my shoes look best on me.

kerry said...

i love that sweet little "sparkly" thing!
She has better taste than most "grown-ups" I know! I could just squeeze her....

Jen B. said...

She was created in the image of a Great God! And He's got amazing taste - look around you - colorful rainbows, sparkly stars, shimmering seas, diamonds and jewels...all made by His spoken Word! She can't help it, she gets it from her daddy!!!

She's VERY spiritual!

Andrea said...

Ok, I just couldn't hold back any more. Just send E over, & I'll take care of all her "making cute stuff" needs.

I'm only here to help.