Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just What The Doctor Ordered

Got something in your life that's wearing you out today? Me too.

Hop on over to Beth Moore's blog for some really great words of wisdom. (www.livingproofministries.blogspot.com)

"Jesus is so worthy of our trust no matter what has taken us by surprise. Picture that, when the enemy asks for a little extra access to you, the only reason why God may have given him permission is because He knew you'd prove faithful. Do the thing. In the unseen realm, angels are cheering and demons are jeering. You are in the stadium and the bleachers are full. (Hebrews 12:1) Take one for the team if you have to. Be strong and courageous. Be willing to show people how it's done. Don't look for a leader. You are the leader. People are looking to you. Be deliberate. Make sure they see Jesus. We're not here all that long and then there's BLISS. Forever bliss. Till then, we're over our heads. But we can dang-well decide what kind of over-our-heads we're gonna be."

That is just what the doctor ordered for me today. I have been really whiny this week. Today I'm going to buck up and DECIDE to trust the Most Trustworthy! Will you join me?



PHH said...

Absolutely! Thank you for posting that quote. When I read it, it resonated with me regarding what life has been the past few weeks.

Jen B said...

I'm on board sister! Thanks for the pep talk! Love you, jen

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