Sunday, December 14, 2008


Many of you know that my oldest daughter got a new puppy 2 weeks ago. It was her Christmas present. She was beside herself with giddiness. Things began unraveling with Molly pretty quickly. I have never taken care of a dog, so it was a big wake up call for me. Middle of the night wake ups, early morning wake ups, watching her all day to make sure she didn't "go" all over my house, etc.

It was really tough! Needless to say, I was quite emotional about this new addition. If I'm truthful, I would have rather a new baby than a puppy. Anyway, we were managing along, even with my breakdowns and occasional fits.

It got interesting when I took my middle daughter to the allergy doctor where she was put on 4 new meds and an inhaler because she is allergic to Molly. The doctor said the puppy must go!

I really struggled with this decision... make one daughter emotionally miserable or make the other physically miserable. I know what needed to be done, but it was hard. I think the clincher was when I was on the phone Friday morning and my 3 year old and Molly were playing on my rug in the foyer. All of a sudden, Lyla says, "Mommy, there's poop on the floor." I quickly get off the phone to clean it up. I must have said, "Molly, no no." Lyla immediately responds, " No, Mommy that's my poop." Seriously, I cannot potty train a daughter and a puppy.

Molly went to her new home on Friday! We are all sad, especially Layne, but it will be ok. The bright side is that Emma can breathe and I don't have to clean up poop all over my house... well, at least from a dog!



Shelli said...

I am laughing hysterically... especially at Lyla's response! If I could only be a fly on a wall at your house.... I think you could make me laugh at a paper cup. Seriously. I truly love you!!!

Jen B. said...

Soooo funny, and're a good mommy A!!! Don't ever forget that! Those girls are blessed to have you!!! Love you,

Anonymous said...

I'm going to need a new post! Let's get to it ladies! Thanks!