Monday, April 13, 2009

Did Somebody Hide a Camera???

Thanks for all the prayers last week! The mission trip was great and Satan did NOT win! More on the trip in a later post...

But seriously..I expected to catch a small break this week after last week's car drama.

Sunday night after arriving home from the mission trip, my car was broken into in my driveway and my purse was stolen. The purse had the usual credit cards, drivers license, etc. and also contained the money bag left from the mission trip that had some petty cash and receipts. Yes, I know I should have taken it inside with me. I also know that I shouldn't let S play with markers but somehow she still manages to get ahold of them.

So on Monday I had to explain the fact that I really did use the money the church had given me to buy ice three times on the trip, and that no, I don't still have the receipts and that yes, I am a reasonably responsible adult. Somewhat.

On Tuesday, S came down w/a 102 fever that lasted FIVE days. I missed the Good Friday services at our church and had some serious cabin fever. Meanwhile, I still had to get a replacement driver's license, cancel the credit cards, call the bank, etc. And just so you know, getting a new drivers license when you have absoultely no identification at all except for the new AAA cards that were mailed after your purse was stolen is no easy task. Suffice it to say that it is best to jump through those hoops without a feverish three-year-old in tow.

TODAY, after a trip to the basement to flip the breaker switch for the bathroom outlet that apparently couldn't take two little girls drying their hair simultaneously, I sat down to do my quiet time. But I really couldn't concentrate because all I could see out my window was the bottom of the trampoline that had been thrown over the back fence by last night's storm! Now I have a trampoline sitting high in the tree branches and a hubby who is again out of town.

I am seriously lookikng for the hidden camera....

But on a brighter note, E had her first "gentleman caller" today. The little boy across the street came to the door and asked for E. When I said she wasn't home, he asked if I would give her something from him- a pink flower and a red starburst. Kindergarten love at it's best.

Happy Monday everybody. Continue to celebrate our risen Saviour today. He is risen...even in the midst of everyday chaos.....He is risen indeed.


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Janet said...

Nice post. . . and I feel your pain . . . :-)