Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Match Made in Heaven


It is funny to me (and frustrating at times) how totally opposite my husband and I are. Last week I was reassured that it's not all in my's also on iGoogle. Our internet homepage is iGoogle...Paul rarely uses our home computer, he brings his home from the office most nights to work. Whenever I get on the internet, my personal iGoogle page pops up with all of my own settings. I would have never even guessed that Paul would have taken the time to even personalize his iGoogle page, but the other night I got on the computer after Paul (our home one) and he had not logged off of his iGoogle page, so it opened to it when I got on the internet.

Paul's iGoogle page:
His wallpaper is Google Earth
Google Calendar
Weather: Birmingham, AL.
Top News Stories
Google Reader
How To of the Day

My iGoogle page:
My wallpaper is Dynamic Dots (colorful polka dots that change everytime you log on)
You Tube
Movies: 35226
Weather: Birmigham, AL; Orlando, FL (hello...Disney?!?!); Destin, FL (gotta know what's it like at the beach!!!)
3chixandablog comments post
Places to See
Google Map (if you've ever been anywhere with me, you understand!)
Quotes of the Day
Facebook Profile and link

They say, "Opposites Attract"...well, there you have it!


Nicole O'Dell said...

That's HILARIOUS! My hubby would say "What's iGoggle?"

Simply BB said...

Too funny- sounds alot like my own and myself..... Must be a match made in heaven! LOL
BTW- love your blog!

Lisa said...

I'm living it right there with you sister