Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hypothetically Speaking, Of Course

Hypothetically speaking, if I borrowed, say, a watch from a friend with elf-like wrists, then it is POSSIBLE that it might get stuck on my slightly larger wrist.

And I suppose that if that were to happen, it would then be POSSIBLE that my skin would get stuck inside the watch and no matter how I tried or yelled at my children to try the watch would not come undone.

And I guess at that point, it would be theoretically possible for me to go in search of a neighbor to undo the watch, all the while staying cool and collected trying not to panic while my children simultaneously rolled in the grass and threatened to call 911.

That is, if this were a true story and something like this had really happened to me.

If it were a true story, one scenario could be that the pool guy who happened to be in the next door neighbor's driveway MIGHT have heard me yell for help and tried to pry the watch off of my wrist.

And he might have been successful and told me to have a nice day while staring strangely after me as I walked away.


And the watch COULD have ended up slightly bent.

But maybe not.

It's hard to tell.

Who knew there were those nifty little buttons that you press to make the watch pop right open?

Certainly not me or the pool guy.


Anonymous said...

Did this happen to be a birthday gift?? Just wondering!


Sherry said...

HHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Seriously, it gets better every durn time I hear it!!!