Monday, June 16, 2008

We're Back!

WOW! It's been two whole months since we've blogged. I can't believe we have been away so long, but we have been BUSY! You know how it is...May is know..May, and then June is here and the kids are out of school and we just simply have been too busy to blog. I guess you'd say our priorities on the homefront have had to take precedence these last few weeks. And that's OK. When things get out of balance, everybody suffers. So hopefully we're back for a time, and will do our best to stay connected.

It has been most surprising to all of us chix that we have been missed in the blogosphere! Many of you have told us you missed us and asked us to continue to blog. We can't tell you how much that means to us!! This site is just a picture of our lives, the good, the bad and the crazy!! (Mostly crazy) So that being said, let me give you a brief rundown on my life these past two months.

Two months- eight weeks- 56 days. During this time, I had a neighbor killed in a plane crash leaving a precious wife and three young daughters behind. I had one daughter graduate from preschool and one finish the second grade. I potty trained a two-year-old (not to mention introducing her to the terrifying world of automatic flush toilets..more on that in another blog), walked in a walk for an eight-year-old with cancer, watched my beautiful neice come into the world, and watched as her mother suffered debilitating nerve damage during the birth. I prayed for my friends who were suffering, rejoiced with my friends who were celebrating and learned more about God's character during both. I lost a dear friend and surrogate grandfather to my daughters and watched his precious wife honor him with her attitudes and actions during his last days. I visited a friend whose son tried to take his own life, and I prayed with a precious fifth grade boy as he asked Jesus to come into his heart. I wiped noses, dried tears, apologized and asked for forgiveness. I started a Bible Study and read five novels. I didn't clean my house much, and I folded approximately 127 loads of laundry. Needless to say, life has been happening, even while being absent from blogland.

So what's the point?

I guess the point is, God is sovereign in all things..the big events as well as the seemingly small details. He is sovereign in the good, the bad, the hard and the easy. He "has a plan and a purpose for his world." "History is not a cyclical process of endless repetition; history is being moved toward the predetermined end."

And the Creator of the universe allows me to be a part of it.

How cool is that?



Kim said...

Oh I have missed you gals! So glad you are back!!

Janet & Bill said...

WELCOME BACK!!! Missed y'all . . . hang in there like a rusty fish-hook!
Bless ya!