Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

Happy Inauguration Day! This is it! The day for HOPE! The day for CHANGE! The day that Birmingham spends $50,000 for a party and declares city schools closed. The day that history is made. The day that the media and hollywood are freaking out!

I've never seen such excitement. It's a party every minute, concerts 24/7, play by plays of every move the first family makes.. blah, blah!

All of this for a man. Just a man. Nothing special. Just a man.

What will the party be like when Jesus returns? I can't wait! This is one Inauguration Day I don't want to miss. Oh how I pray for the hope in this country to be in Christ. One day it will!



Andrea said...

Thanks, A. It is lost on me the worship-like atmosphere surrounding these events. I stand in amazement at these "followers" of this hope of/in humanity. Again, thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

Can't wait my friend!

Jen B. said...

True hope comes from Christ alone. And one day every knee will bow and every tounge will confess that Jesus Christ is LORD! WOW...talk about a Party of ONE!