Thursday, January 22, 2009

TO FACEBOOK or NOT TO FACEBOOK ~ That is the question. it goes...


(1)Everyone's doing it (isn't that the same reason people experiment with marijuana!)
(2)You can re-connect with old friends and long distance family (ummm...many mixed feeling about this...could also be listed under the "Cons" section)
(3)Yeah, that's pretty much all I've got for the Pros. (Would love some comments from ya'll about your number 3 reason to join FACEBOOK ~ Oh, here's one...if I joined, then I could actually BE a member of the group "Jen Batson's not too old to FACEBOOK")COOL!


(1) Hello - can't find the time to do my laundry now...or read Beth Moore's BLOG everyday, or cook dinner...Who has time for this? Seriously?!?!
(2) You can re-connect with old friends and long distance family (see, I told you!)
(3) If you post pictures (which truly I don't really get how to do that...and I know, it's easy!), then EVERYONE will see how much you've changed - or haven't changed...which one's worse?

So, all you Facebookers or Anti-facebookers...what are your thoughts, your pros and your cons? Do I take a leap into this Cyber-World or just be content at the amazing job we 3 chix are doing on our fabulous blog? Isn't that enough to keep up with?!?!



Nicole O'Dell said...

My number three reason is that I love having more facebook friends than my 17 year old. ;) In this fb era it's a badge of honor..a sort of "My mom is way cooler than your mom" kind of thing. :)

But, those doggone games are addicting. Hold out on getting sucked into them for as long as you can.

TCKK said...

I do FB because I can look at pictures of friends and family and keep up with what's going on in their lives. I have family on there from all over the states that I hardly ever see and it's great watching their lives. I don't necessarily look every day, but I can when I want. I just try not to let myself feel pressured to keep up with it all the time.

PHH said...

I will add to the cons: Coworkers who don't know where to draw the line between personal and professional. No thank you!

Anonymous said...

Altough I enjoy some FB, if it's this much of a decision for you, let it go. The answer is NO! :>


Lisa said...

I'm with Marty. It is a time waster and completely addictive. Now I need to go check my facebook page.....

Janet said...

Like you, it took a loooong time before I caved. I kept thinking, 'what would someone MY age be doing with a stupid high school thing like Facebook?'
My old bosses wife begged me for at LEAST 6 weeks to get one so that I could stay current on a (then upcoming) 30 year reunion being planned in Anaheim. Basically, so she would leave me alone about it, I put one up without even a profile picture, and joined the 'reunion group'. Within 5 days or less, I had hundreds of friend requests & emails from people I dearly love and had lost touch with. Look at my 'friends' list on my page:While half at least have either gone under the knife or use botox, 80% of my 'friends' are my age or older!
As a result of 're-connecting' & since we missed the BIG reunion, a bunch of us are meeting in Vegas for a weekend~~~10 couples all in ONE big house (all get private rooms & bath) with an indoor pool and a Grand piano. I'm like a little girl, I'm so excited! . . .Can you tell?
I owe it all to FaceBook . . .
Just do it.

Andrea said...

Of course, I have to weigh in on the situation...since you mentioned my FB "group" that I started specifically to get you to show up there!

**Here's a scenario:
You have this BIG group of girlfriends that like to go on fun weekend beach get-aways. Any time you need/want to share info about the trip, you end up logging into email, writing email, be sure to include/remove all email addresses you need to cc: on the info, sending email. Then, wait for EVERYone you cc: to "Reply All" with their input. I love getting email as much as the next girl, but wouldn't it be convenient to go on a FB "Group" page that has a fun"Stripes are Gonna Be Hot!"...and be able to check out everyone's info at one place at one time? Consolidation and instant information! And when setting up the group, you have the option for it to be private (vs. public) so the info isn't getting out to every weirdo on FB. (BTW, just decided - I'm about to start the group I just mentioned b/c I like the idea so much. So, be looking for it later today.)

**I've also been able to find out things that happen to dear friends that need prayer ASAP. Getting word out is as simple as updating your "status" with the info.

You can FB as little or as much as you like. Up to you. But, I'd love to see you THERE every now and then since I don't get to see you much anywhere else these days. :o)
Love you!

Lauren W said...

For what it's worth- you can be on FB as much or as little as you want. Some people can get carried away, but really, it's more like checking e-mail. You can be on it for just a few minutes a few times a day.

Sherry said...

Girl, it's addictive. But I'm with Marty, if your that ruffled about it, maybe pass. But IF you decide you actually have the fruit of the spirit of self control (which I sometimes do not when it comes to fb), then look for me on your group!! :)

Kelly said...

I am another FB hold-out. For one, I do not have much self control and also do not have time for another obsession!
I am sure it would be fun, but my plate is already full!!!!!!!!!