Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Ok, here I go. My first ever blog. Can you have writer's block before you ever start writing? I think it's more my AD/HD kicking in.

Anyway, my 20 year high school reunion is coming up in April. WOW! Don't even really know how I feel about that. Can I be that old? I wonder who will look hot? More importantly, can I go without my husband this time? He went to my 10 year, put on a name tag as one of my
classmates, and walked around saying, "Hey, do you remember me?" all night long. What an embarrassment!

By the way, what do you wear to a casual 20 year reunion? Whatever!!! Why do we obsess over things like this? All I know is that I was feeling good at the 10 year. Hey, I was young, had a cute haircut, and most importantly was breastfeeding, so I was skinny and the girls were big and perky.

Oh what 10 years, 2 more kids and gravity will do to ya.


Jen said...

It'll get you a better tax deduction...

Brittnie said...

You are a scream!

So proud of you on your first blog!!

Sherry said...

Hahahaha! I knew it was you!