Monday, March 31, 2008


Why is exercise so hard? I mean, I have all the tools I need..a treadmill two feet from my bed, a recumbent exercise bike in the basement, a set of weights, a Pilates DVD, and even some oldies like a step and a step aerobics tape and even ...and this is the truth...a thighmaster ala Suzanne Somers! I know what to do so why don't I do it? I am what you might call a bipolar exerciser. I am either manic about it, or depressed about it. Why oh why can't I be consistent????????? I can hire somebody to do everything else, but not exercise. Nope, that's something I gotta do on my own. So why is it that I will watch Denise Austin exercise for 30 minutes on television? I don't think watching her show is really the point. Hmm....maybe I could have been exercising in the thirty minutes I have been blogging about exercise! OK clearly I have issues. Somebody please come help me put my tennis shoes on!!!!!!!!!



Just Us Chix said...

Denise Austin ROCKS!!!

Jen said...

WOW...I was going to leave a comment...then realized it was under "Just Us Chix"; so I erased it to write it under my name...J...but now it says "This post has been removed by the author"...which really seems dark and just maybe I was cursing and saying something inaapropriate...which is so much more exciting then what I was originally going to I'm now not going to say anything at all!!! J

Janet said...

Girl . . . y'all! I love your blog! I've come in here a couple of times in the last 3-4 days thinking . . . I know I know them . . . WHO IS THAT??? I just figured it out from Mike's site.
um hum, gurls. . . now y'all in my favorites . . . KUDOS!