Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Camping 101

So the first post on our brand new blog will have to be about camping since it was there that the blog idea was born. Actually it was born last year, but we are slow to the jump-start.

Have you ever had an idea that sounded really good, but in reality was a lot tougher than you thought to pull off? Try camping with three women, eight girl children and three boy children, I mean grown men. Try taking 22 blankets, 21 bags of food, 20 folding chairs, 19 hot dog buns, 18 bags of chips, 17 chocolate bars, 16 drinks per family, 15 stuffed animals, 14 rolls of paper towels, 13 board games, 12 packs of drinks, 11 pairs of crocs, 10 pairs of khaki shorts, 9 long-sleeved t-shirts, 8 bright pink bikes, 7 random jackets, 6 bottles of bug spray, 5 tubes of sunscreen, 4 blinking flashlights, 3 bags of match light, 2 big coolers and 1 RV that rivaled the size of an eighteen wheeler.

Did I mention that we had to borrow a lighter from the campsite next to us?

However, no one can say we were not ultra-prepared campers. We had so much stuff that we were nicely set for a week of relaxing and fun.

Did I mention that we only camped for 24 hours?

Some highlights of the trip (or night, whichever you'd prefer)....

1. Watching our husbands relax. Having their iphones and blackberries in a wooded setting made it seem so much more laid-back.
2. Watching our husbands win at Catchphrase while cheating to their heart's delight.
3. Watching our two-year-olds rival all the trailer trash at the campground since we did not wipe their hands or faces the entire trip, I mean 24 hours.
4. Breathing in the fresh air.
5. Breathing in the smoky air.
6. Breathing in the smoky, fresh air that still hasn't come out of our clothes two days later.
7. Watching our children frolic and play in the creek....or the swamp as one child dubbed it. Clearly she has been watching too many Disney movies.
8. Napping in the tent while our children played cards at a strangers's campsite. Conversation upon their return went something like this:

Mom: "Where did you get that Sunkist?"
E: "At Shelby's house" (she gets a little disoriented while traveling and tends to become one with her surroundings)
Mom: "We don't know Shelby."
E: "Yes we do, we've known her since yesterday even."

I have to say, though, that the nap was pretty close to worth it.

9. Spending time with the people we love most in the world.
10. Thanking God that we were not alone with our children all of spring break.

So now we feel well-prepared to author a book entitled "Camping 101." Or quite possibly it could be called "How to Make the Most of Your Children's School Holidays." Or even "Never Plan On Camping Without A Way to Start a Campfire."

We are professionals now, oh yes we are.

And next time we might even remember the matches!!


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