Thursday, March 27, 2008

LOCKED OUT AGAIN!!! know my husband and me is to love us or quickly run far away.

We built our house 4 years ago and the builder made us 5 keys.  Did you see that correctly? 5!!!
Well, for some reason we now have 1 and it stays in a drawer INSIDE the house.  Not really sure why!  Anyway, we do have garage door openers AND keyless entry pads outside of the garage.  So we are set up, right?  

Well, you tell me why we had to rip off the screen on a window and send our child through it to go and unlock the door for us the other day.  And tell me why I had to go through that same window this morning after carpool with my 2 year old standing outside the house saying, "What cha doing mommy?" 

I guess I should just call a garage door company and get them to send someone over to fix the openers and entry pad.

That sounds reasonable to all of you, but I failed to mention that my husband OWNS a garage door company!!!

Can you say Dysfunctional? A


Lisa said...

See what I mean by drama?

Anonymous said...

Never a dull moment, for sure! I have been known to lock my own keys in the car IN THE GARAGE! AAA has been to my garage to unlock my car not once, but twice! At least I could let them in the house!

Pia said...

It's not very sweet to say that your husband is dysfunctional.