Friday, September 12, 2008


"You got babbits, Mommy?  I got babbits, you got babbits, Mommy?"
What on earth could this possibly mean coming from my barely 3 yr. old?  It took me lots of time going through every word she knows to find out what she's talking about.  
Finally, she told me about seeing my nephew and he had "funny babbits."
Well, what she really means is, "You got privates, Mommy."  Whatever... please tell me life gets easier with 3 girls!  Seriously...somebody just tell me this to make me feel better.



Mike said...

At least they're all girls!

Having one of each makes for some interesting questions and observations all around.

Sherry said...

Have you read my blog about China, interesting stuff.

Just Us Chix said...

So, the whole time we were in San Antonio, S refused to go potty w/her Daddy.."NOT SEE MY PWIVATES DADDY NO NO!!" So she squeezed her legs together and refused to go. She had accidents the entire weekend. Have I mentioned she is strong-willed??? I am so with you on your journey my friend.