Thursday, September 25, 2008


Those who know me AND STILL choose to love me is beyond my comprehension. I think I get more dysfunctional, strange, clumsy, etc. as time goes by. Can I still blame this on 3 kids? Anywho, I must tell you all of the things that I've done this past week, and you be the judge!

1. Had a birthday party with scavenger hunt/race for my 11 yr. old. So much fun! At the end of the race, I decided to race my husband's car home. Why? Not really sure. So my team of 6 girls jump in the car. I speed off from 0 to 80 in 2 seconds.
Emma, who is 8, screams in horror, "Mom, Katie B. just fell out of the car." I slam on the brakes and get out to find Katie, and she is 50 feet behind my looking scared to death. I race to her to find out what happened. Well, she and Emma decided for the first time the entire evening to get in from the back hatch of the Expedition. Katie was trying to close it, and I speed off! You can fill in the rest of the blanks. So get this...she has a little scratch on her heel! THAT"S IT! Could have been a disaster, but God was so there. Anyway, love you Katie, and I would never purposefully try to run you down with my car.

2. If that wasn't enough, Tuesday night I helped with my daughter's cheerleading squad at the ballpark. You know the ballpark I speak of... all mom's looking happy, cheering on their team, dad's hollering at the refs, yadda yadda!!! So I am walking onto the field and fall on my rear end down to the ground. I mean a goodie!!! I hear gasps from the stands and realize that I had an audience. There was a timeout on the field so I was the entertainment. Whatever!

3. I take my 3 year old to MDO. Now, I've been doing this since my 11 yr. old was little, so this is really nothing new to me. I go in, drop her off, get in the car, head out for the day. Apparently, I took in her backpack with her lunch and diapers when I dropped her off and then took them right back with me to the car. I go to pick her up 4 hours later and they are like, "She didn't have a backpack, but we made do." I just knew it was somewhere in that building and asked them to look for it.
Guess where it was? In the front seat right beside me and I never noticed.

That's all I have to say about that!


Jen B said...

You should never ask others to be the judge...esp. me!!! I live that life! Paul's asked me before if I've dropped off his drycleaning...I explain how busy I was and that I forgot. He says, "Jen,It's sitting in the front seat of your car, how can you forget?" Now, clearly, he can be the judge...he's good at it!!! Loving you!!!

Sallie said...

Oh how I love you! Right there with you my friend.

Heart of Wisdom said...

Oh my goodness, I have had moments,days, weeks, like this...Okay, maybe my life is a bit like

Love your blog.
Come visit me.

Sherry said...

Are you sure I didn't right this?

Love the new look BTW

6HappyHearts said...

Ok God led me to your blog tonight. You girls ROCK!!! So real, so true, so could be my life ; )
God Bless Ya'll!!!