Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Seriously you cannot make up the stuff that happens during my days. Often I am convinced there is a hidden camera somewhere and that any minute somebody will junp out and say "Gotcha!" But it hasn't happened yet so it must just be me.

So today was going pretty well early this morning when I got everybody off to school, including S who started preschool today (can anybody say "PRAISE THE LORD?") and went and worked out. I was proud to fit that in because I have really been making an effort in that area. After working out I volunteered at the elementary school where my oldest child did not speak to me when she saw me and my middle child chose to be in another line from mine when given the option during a vision/hearing screen. So glad I gave up my free time to hang with the girls. Oh well, at least they are independent.

Then I busted into tears while talking to my friend in front of a room full of suburban housewives because I saw three girls (B, S and P for those of you who know that story)who have been mean to my daughter and I wanted to choke them all. Apparently I had some hidden emotional crisis and just decided to let it all out in the middle of asking 4622 children which car had the broken wheel. Who knew?

Then as I was rushing to pick up S from preschool, I was extremely convicted to go buy lunch for a homeless man on the side of the road. "OK, Lord," I thought, "I will be obedient to Your Spirit and buy this man some lunch." So as soon as the lady in the drive-through handed me his drink the cup busted all over me and the car and the seat and the floor and the 4622 items that were in the car and on the seat and on the floor. Oh well, I tried. And did I mention that it was a very large drink? So I drove back to the man and handed him the food and a bottle of water I had gotten at the vision screening that I may or may not have taken a sip out of. I couldn't remember, but I figured some water was better than no drink, right?

Then I picked up S and couldn't wait to see her and hear about her day. Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder. However, she screamed all the way home about how hungry she was so I finally gave in and gave her some applesauce. This was not a good idea. And by the way, the reason that the applesauce was still in her lunchbox was because I am apparently not allowed to bring spoon-fed items to school, only finger foods. But don't worry, because I got a cute little reminder note from the teacher letting me know exactly what to pack in her lunch "next time" since I apparently did not listen during the parent meeting, nor did I read the handbook that I signed and returned today saying "Yes, I have read the handbook and understand what is expected of me." I am a train wreck.

So anyway, the applesauce being the messy item that it was ended up all over S's night-night, baby doll and dress. So I, while trying to navigate the exit ramp onto I-459, am holding the applesauce while trying to find a napkin for her that has only been used one or two times. Meanhwhile, I hit a bump and the applesauce ends up inside my make-up case which is always in the car because I never have time to put make-up on at home.

So by the time we get home and I have finished trying to wipe smeared applesauce from the lip gloss tube, I am done. Wiped out. Over it. Ready to take a break. But instead I chase S around the kitchen while she is screaming "NOT TAKE A NAP NOT TIRED HUNGRY NOT NAP MAMA" 4622 times. So here I sit, blogging, even though I have a 47-page theology chapter to read by 8:00 tonight and two other kids who will be home any minute. And by the way, I hear S throwing things out of her bed, but I am not going up there, no I am not.



Kerry said...

you make me laugh... not at you- but WITH you. I too have been uninvited from showing my face at C's school. "mom, you are not coming to my school again - are you??" in horror, mind you. I'm feeling you on that. Good Times!
If it makes you feel any better, I too think that B, S and P need a good "talking to" Oh my word. you made my day. thanks for sharing yours.

Jen B said...

4,622 was a very big number on this day...might I be so bold to suggest, your unlucky number! And, by the way, You are my favorite train wreck!

cynical, critical and apathetic

JT said...

I was so happy to laugh this morning. Isn't it nice to know your kids miss you so much while they are at school. :)