Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Let's Potty!

I seem to have a blog theme going!  Anyway, I'm really struggling with potty training my now THREE YEAR OLD!  You would think that I would've figured this out by now...she is my third child.  

So... this morning I finally say, "No more pull-ups in the house.  They are all gone, and the store has no more to buy.  You must be a big girl and wear panties like all of your other friends and your sisters."  She stood there a moment and looked at me, little wheels turning in her brain.
She becomes hysterical and yells,  "I not a big girl- I the baby- I can't potty- I not like it- it's not fun- no mommy, I the baby- I the baby."  She then spreads out on the floor in dramatic fashion crying for 20 minutes.  

HELP ME!!!!!!!!!



Jen B said...

Ohhhh...she IS the baby, mommy!!! She's the sweetest baby girl...and, I must admit, when I read this (before I got the the "A"...I thought it was "L" blogging about "S"...what is it with those third girls? That's why I stopped at two!!!

Lisa said...

Funny J would think that because that is EXACTLY what we went through. "I NOT A BIG GIRL I A BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!" But she finally got it and Little L will too. Hang in there. I feel yout pain- it is my most hated parenting task of all times.

Tiffany said...

As the mother of four little ones who has "been through it" not too long ago, my advice is to stop (I know you don't want to hear that!) and pick it back up in two or three weeks. If she doesn't want to be potty-trained, then I don't think she is going to be trained. One day- and hopefully in the very near future- she'll wake up and decide "today is the day I want to be a big girl." Until then, it will be a battle! Anyhow...that's just my own personal experience. Good luck! (I found your blog by reading BooMama's comments yesterday - maybe we'll meet in Oct.) :)