Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Labor Day

This entry is for all of you moms who sometimes think you aren't worth a flip!  After reading this you will say, "Wow, at least I'm better than she is."

Labor Day with my fellow chix and a few other families.  Shall I set the stage???  Swimming pool, lake to fish, Bobcats to drive, lots of land to run free-you get the idea.  Well, not 5 minutes after we arrived, I got all of my clothes soaked jumping in the pool to rescue my 3 year old.  Then, 15 minutes after that I see something brown at the bottom of the steps and the bottom of the shallow end of the pool.  What was it????  POOP!!!!  Seriously, can this be happening to me? She had on a swim diaper.  I proceed to get that big 20 ft. long net to "fish it out" without everyone knowing what was going on.  However, my 10 yr. old and J's 10 yr. old begin the chant,  EWWWWW, GROSSSSS, that is so NASTY, etc.  I am mortified and L calls her husband from the lake to help.  He sees me and says," Get in the pool right now."  He and I jump in and he swims to all of the people on the side of the pool not going in or letting their children in the water and gets a huge mouthful of pool water and spits and.  He says, " Were good, get in the pool."  

Can I tell you how much I love L's husband?  That was classic.  Also, another friend's husband said later, " Hey, some people eat that stuff to survive when out in the middle of nowhere."
I tell you, men are so great when women freak!!!

Anyway, I'm better now.  Should I mention this is the 2nd time this has happened to me with the POOP?  Maybe not.



Lisa said...

Yeah I'm pretty fond of L's husband too..at least most of the time!:0 You forgot to mention the "chemicals" he dumped in the pool to make it all better!!

Jen B said...

Can I get a "MAN VS. WILD" shout out!!!