Saturday, September 13, 2008

"Come 'n listen to my story..."

All 5 of us went to a 3 yr. old birthday party today.  Of course, we were in a hurry!  As we run out the door, I ask my husband, "Hey, do you know where Lyla's shoes are?"  He responded with a quick,"Yea, they're in the car."  So off we went.

We arrived at the party and had to park 6 blocks away (not really, but felt like it) because there were so many people there.  I get Lyla out of the car and guess what?  NO SHOES!!!  We get inside and there are 30 kids and all of their parents.  Oh yea, forgot to mention that all of these people go to our church!

 I know what they were thinking... "Oh look, here comes Jethro and Ellie Mae and all their chitlins.  Bless their hearts!"



Sallie said...

In the South - You know when someone says "Bless Her Heart" they are really saying "She's so Stupid"....

Hey - I don't think any less of you though. Love ya gurl!

Jen B said...

You are secretly an Ellie Mae wanna be aren't you?!?!?!