Tuesday, September 16, 2008

He Blows Me Away!

Last night we were at the Living Truth Conference at HSBC. I was so blown away by the obvious emotion Dr. Grudem and Dr. Dever feel for all of us to grasp the Glory of God. I so hope everyone there felt God's love and power as we searched His character. I am so excited by God and by the people in my church who are also excited about our journey as Christians. Can you even begin to imagine when we get to heaven and see Him face to face in all His glory? There are no words!



PHH said...

I too was blown away. It was so humbling to hear them discuss the depth and breadth of God's glory. Dr. Grudem's testimony about what his son has dealt with reinforced God's sovereignty for me; it's my testimony too!

Sallie said...

Oh how exciting has the last month been and what we have learned. I am so excited to learn and apply to my life. His words last night are still running through my head. The maginitude of our Lord who loves us so is so very overwhelming! How blessed am I!

Lisa said...

Oh my word, what about tonight???It was so great too. so much to think about and take in. You have got to hear the Q and A -unbelievable.